Thronezone In Gloryzona MP3’s


Thronezone In Gloryzona is a three day conference by Dr. O.

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Thronezone In Gloryzona was conducted over three days and eight sessions. These MP3’s contain over 16 hours of teaching conducted by the world renowned Dr. Adonijah O. Ogbannaya, affectionately known as Dr. O. These three days from June 10th to 12th, 2016, were filled with lifechanging  theology busting teachings.

  1. Session 1 “How God Operates”
  2. Session 2 “Protocols & Foundations
  3. Session 3 “Discipline of the Soul
  4. Session 4 “Expansion of Our Soul”
  5. Session 5 “The Fathers Heart Towards Us”
  6. Session 6 “Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey”
  7. Session 7 “Framing The Seeds of Creation”
  8. Session 8 “Principles and Powers of Sonship”


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