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Dr. Adonijah O. Ogbannaya teachings

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Dr. Adonijah O. Ogbannaya is teaching on the body and our place in the Inner court. This download contains over 16 hours of spirit, soul and body expanding teaching that took place at Heaven’s Place October 20-23, 2016.

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  1. Session 01: The Melchezidec Body
  2. Session 02: The New Soul
  3. Session 03: Cutting Away The Old Soul
  4. Session 04: The Body
  5. Session 05: Matter Is A Manifestation of the Spirit
  6. Session 06: The Soul Is For Salvation
  7. Session 07: Serving In The Temple Of God
  8. Session 08: Redemption Is For The Body
  9. Session 09: Revealing The Intent Of The Spirit
  10. Session 10: We Are Eternal Beings
  11. Session 11: We Are The Connection to the Universe
  12. Session 12: When You Are Tempted / Questions & Answers


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