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Something In The Way He Moves Me A conference with Ian Johnson in May of 2016. This set includes over 12 hours of intensive classroom material.

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Something In The Way He Moves Me occurred in May of 2016 with Ian Johnson and Cheryl Davies as the speakers. Once again this was a powerful conference where Ian released the lightnings into Phoenix.

  1. Session 1 Ian Johnson “Entering Into Christ”
  2. Session 2 Cheryl Davies “With Him Where He Is “
  3. Session 3 Ian Johnson “We Are A Manifestation Of God”
  4. Session 4 Cheryl Davies “Light And Seasons”
  5. Session 5 Ian Johnson “Created And Uncreated Light”
  6. Session 6 Ian Johnson “The Lightnings Of God”
  7. Session 7 Cheryl Davies “Activating Our Water”
  8. Session 8 Ian Johnson “Transportation In The Spirit”
  9. Session 9 Cheryl Davies “The Voice Of Jesus”
  10. Session 10 Ian Johnson “Entering Into His Rest”
  11. Session 11 Ian Johnson “A Greater Glory”

This set includes over 12 hours of material on 11 mp3’s.
Please NOTE: These file are approximately 543Mb in total size. So your download time will depend on how fast your internet connection is.


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