Crystal Tunings V2 MP3


Bue in G Major 384Hz
Indigo in A Major 432Hz
Violet in B Major 484Hz
White in C Major 512Hz
Partial version of the song

These 4 songs are structured around tunings used by tuning forks and healing bowls for alignment.

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Crystal Tunings: Volume 2

After purchase, you will need to download each file separately to your computer by selecting the name of the song.

4 Songs $15.00 USD Donation

This project is designed then to be used to align your body according to known frequencies. Each key is tuned specifically to achieve the frequency stated. The songs are similar to Resonance except that there will be cycles of a root tone and a perfect fifth tone incorporated to cause a tuning in your body, much like using tuning forks. Once you know of a resonance problem you can use these frequencies to help align your body back to peace.

There is just under 2 hours of music here. This is the volume 2 of a 2 volume set. Unlike Awareness, these songs are designed to be used for relaxation, meditation and sleep.

Please use caution when listening to these songs and operating vehicles.

  1. Blue in G Major 384 Hz.
  2. Indigo in A Major 432 Hz.
  3. Violet in B Major 484 Hz.
  4. White in C Major 512 Hz. (This C is an octave higher than the C in Volume 1)

I chose these frequencies to match some tuning forks or more specifically crystal bowls. These are large files. Each file being 28:29 minutes long. So I would download them one at a time.


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