Resonance MP3 Bundle


Find your resonant frequency with these 24 songs.

Resonance MP3 Volume 1

Find your resonant frequency with these 24 songs.

Resonance MP3 Volume 2

Find your resonant frequency with these 8 songs.

Resonance MP3 Volume 3

Find your resonant frequency with these 24 songs.

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B’reshit Series

After purchase you will need to down load each file separately by selecting the name of the song.

This series is based upon an encounter I had with Papa, Yeshua and Holy Spirit. I literally was blessed with the opportunity to see creation happen. This B’reshit (the correct way to spell it) project is my feeble attempt to recreate what I saw and heard. Frankly words are not enough. I saw sounds, how does one describe that. The only way I knew I could even come close, was to try and express my experience musically.

I make no claim to any healing abilities of this music. That is for the USFDA. I believe this music will help facilitate reparative opportunities for your spirit, soul and body. This has been my experience. This music is designed to be used in conjunction with your prayer, and meditative lifestyle, not to replace them. This music can only be as effective as you are passionate in pursuing intimacy with Papa, Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh.

I use this music for meditating, praying and well, all most all the time. As many that have become aware of the truth of science as it relates to Yeshua.  I wanted music I could listen to without concern as to who, what, why, where or for whom, the music was created for or by. With Papa’s help I did this and attest that I prayed to Papa, Yeshua, and Ruach HaKodesh while making this and it is my prayer and earnest desire that this project draws you toward Papa, Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh and no one, or anything else.

Shalom, Joe McCracken.

Resonance: 24 Songs over 3 volumes $45.00 USD Donation

The Resonance series has been tuned to A=432Hz. This tuning puts the songs more in tune with the natures pitch. There are 12 songs in Major keys, and 12 songs in the relative minor keys of each major key.

The first song is in the key of C major (from now on simply referred to as C) and the second song is in the relative minor key of Am. This first song is designed to help you recognize the resonance with your environment, and the minor key is to help you recognize your resonance with your body to soul.

The songs are place in the order of fifths. So, you will start with C, Am then progress to the next songs which are G, Em then D, Bm then E, C#m, then B, G#m, then F#, D#m, then Db, Bbm, then Ab, Fm, then Eb, Cm, then Bb, Gm, then F, Dm at which time you will have spent over three hours finding the resonant frequencies of you to your environment. Great for reparative sleeping too.


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