B’reshit Bundle of 2 Flash drive


Over 3 hours of music to align and tune and enlighten yourself with.

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Crystal Tunings V1 MP3

These 4 songs are structured around tunings used by tuning forks and healing crystal bowls for alignment and spiritual healing.

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B’reshit Tunings and Awareness

A flash drive with all 17 CD quality songs will be shipped to you by first class mail. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery after order.

NOTE: We are not offering CD’s at this time. This is a USB flash drive with all of the files on the drive.

Tunings: 2 Volumes of 8 Songs $30.00 USD Donation

(includes the cost of flash drive)

Awareness: 9 Songs $15.00 USD Donation

(includes the cost of the flash drive)

Purchased separately you would pay $45.00 USD for these two albums

Bundle: $35.99 USD Donation

Shipping & Handling $5.00

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