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Partial version of the song

These songs are a representation of an experience with Papa and creation.

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These files are perfect for your iPhone, Android or Microsoft phone or tablets if you have a limited amount of memory on your phone.

After purchase, you will need to download each file separately by selecting the name of the song.

9 Songs $15.00 USD Donation

  1. Garden 174Hz
  2. Life 285Hz
  3. Hope 396 Hz
  4. Change 417Hz
  5. Imagination 528Hz
  6. Prayer 639Hz
  7. Purity 741Hz
  8. Awareness 852Hz
  9. Light 963Hz

The Awareness song series is designed around the 9 tones. Each song is different. Garden starts at 174Hz and you end with Light at 963Hz. I have intentionally included dissonance and tension in these songs except for Garden. These songs are purposed for meditation and can be listened to all day. They are not intended to be used for soaking. They can be listened to while sleeping, but with caution. If you able to find the place of rest in Papa, then listening while sleeping will be beneficial. Else you may find some of the solfeggio’s keeping you awake.

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