B’reshiit Bundle of 6 MP3


Over 8 hours of music to align and tune yourself with.

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Awareness MP3

These songs are a representation of an experience with Papa and creation.


Crystal Tunings V1 MP3

These 4 songs are structured around tunings used by tuning forks and healing crystal bowls for alignment and spiritual healing.


Crystal Tunings V2 MP3

These 4 songs are structured around tunings used by tuning forks and healing bowls for alignment.


Resonance MP3 Volume 1

Find your resonant frequency with these 24 songs.


Resonance MP3 Volume 2

Find your resonant frequency with these 8 songs.


Resonance MP3 Volume 3

Find your resonant frequency with these 24 songs.

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B’reshit – Resonance, Crystal Tunings 1&2, and Awareness

This bundle allows you to download 41 songs independently to your computer.

Resonance: 24 Songs on 3 volumes $45.00 USD Donation

The Resonance series has been tuned to A=432Hz. This tuning puts the songs more in tune with the natures pitch. There are 12 songs in Major keys, and 12 songs in the relative minor keys of each major key.

The first song is in the key of C major (from now on simply referred to as C) and the second song is in the relative minor key of Am. This first song is designed to help you recognize the resonance with your environment, and the minor key is to help you recognize your resonance with your body to soul.

The songs are placed in the order of fifths. So, you will start with C, Am then progress to the next songs which are G, Em then D, Bm then E, C#m, then B, G#m, then F#, D#m, then Db, Bbm, then Ab, Fm, then Eb, Cm, then Bb, Gm, then F, Dm at which time you will have spent over three hours finding the resonant frequencies of you to your environment. Great for reparative sleeping too.

Tunings: 8 Songs on 2 Volumes $30.00 USD Donation

This project is designed then to be used to align your body according to known frequencies. The Crystal Tunings series is also tuned to A=432Hz. Each key is tuned specifically to achieve the frequency stated. The songs are similar to Resonance except that there will be cycles of a root tone and a perfect fifth tone incorporated to cause a tuning in your body, much like using tuning forks. Once you know of a resonance problem you can use these frequencies to help align your body back to peace.

Awareness: 9 Songs $15.00 USD Donation

The Awareness songs series is designed around the 9 original tones the Gregorian monks would sing over people to cause miraculous healing, healings that are historically documented. Each song is different. Garden starts at 174Hz and you end with Light at 963Hz. I have intentionally included dissonance in these songs except for Garden. These songs are purposed for meditation and can be listened to all day. They are not intended to be used for soaking. They can be listened to while sleeping, but with caution. If you are able to find the place of rest in Papa, then listening while sleeping will be beneficial. Else you may find some of the solfeggio’s keeping you awake.

Bundle: All six for $60.00 USD Donation


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