There are nine songs in the Awareness album based upon what are commonly known as the Solfeggio Frenquencies. Each song has been tuned specifically to obtain these frequencies accordingly.


  1. Garden at 174Hz.
  2. Life at 285 Hz.
  3. Hope at 396 Hz.
  4. Change at 417 Hz.
  5. Imagination at 528 Hz.
  6. Prayer at 639 Hz.
  7. Purity at 741 Hz.
  8. Awareness at 852 Hz.
  9. Life at 963 Hz.

With just over 90 minutes of music the Awareness album was designed to allow a person to have frequency music to meditate to that would help maintain an individuals attention. Garden starts off in a restful, peaceful mode to establish a base or platform to progress into the rest of the songs. So tempo, tension and dissonance have been added to the remaining songs to provide an environment that keeps the individual stimulated mentally.